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Pacific Coast Homes
Agent Reciprocity

Pacific Coast Homes is proud to be an Oregon Manufactured Structure Dealer (MSD) with a valid license under MSD733. Our team of Manufactured Home Brokers work alongside MSD licensed real estate agents/offices to provide unmatched services in the market.

Although we are not a real estate agency, we are pleased to offer commission splits for licensed manufactured home brokers or real estate agents/offices, a service uncommon in the industry. 


We believe in offering a goodwill gesture to our colleagues as reciprocity.  However, it is important to note that we are not legally bound to offer this service. Pacific Coast Homes shall specify the secondary agent fees, as outlined below, to ensure transparency and a seamless process for our valued clients.

We are pleased to inform you that Lincoln County real estate agents who meet the mandatory MSD license requirements and successfully present offers will receive 40% of the listing agreement commission fee.

On the other hand, we extend a referral fee of 10% of the listing agreement commission fee to Oregon agents who either do not possess the MSD license or who operate outside of Lincoln County.

Our objective is to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and promote equitable business relationships that benefit all stakeholders. We value your continued partnership and endeavor to support you in achieving your client goals.