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Weatherization Lowers Utility Costs

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Weatherization Lowers Utility Costs
by Jo Anne Downey

This month my name made it to the top of the waiting list for a Low Income Weatherization Assistance Energy Audit.  My mobile home has been approved for installation of a ductless heat pump to cut the cost of running my aging, electricity guzzling furnace.

The Low Income Weatherization Program (LIEAP) is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, Health and Human Resources, and by utility companies.  Services include home insulation, window replacement, furnace repair and upgrade, and energy related minor home repairs. Also offered is credit toward utility bills and assistance to prevent an energy related crisis, such as a broken furnace, shortage of fuel, and utility shut off. Priority goes to seniors, people with disabilities, and households with children under age six.  If you think you may qualify, I encourage you to contact your utility company and county Housing and Community Services Agency to apply for weatherization and other energy services available in your area. The waiting list can be long but well worth the wait

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