The team at Pacific Coast Homes quickly identified a niche in the market, noting that manufactured home sales were often overlooked. Initially, many realtors hesitated to list or sell these homes due to their lower price points and resultant smaller commissions. However, as home quality advanced under HUD regulations and outdated perceptions of trailer parks evolved, the appeal of manufactured home living surged. These homes grew in luxury and size, and their communities became increasingly sought after, offering an affordable alternative to traditional site-built homes. Pacific Coast Homes, with their comprehensive knowledge, emerged as the ideal representative for buyers, sellers, and community owners.

Pacific Coast Homes stands as a premier Manufactured Home Brokerage Agency on the Central Oregon Coast. As home prices rise, an increasing number of families are turning to Manufactured Home Living, prioritizing both quality and affordability. Similarly, many seniors are discovering the allure of downsizing to Manufactured Homes, especially when paired with the vibrant lifestyle of an active 55+ retirement community.

Established in 2015, Pacific Coast Homes initially focused on selling pre-owned manufactured homes within age-qualified, 55+ communities. Their rapid success underscored a unique selling point: their agents not only represented these communities but also resided within them. This intimate knowledge of mobile and manufactured home living, combined with a deep understanding of HUD regulations, financing, maintenance, and contractor expertise, set them apart in the industry.

Pacific Coast Homes’ reputation flourished, and they soon expanded to represent both buyers and sellers throughout Oregon. A significant milestone was reached in 2018 when, in partnership with Crestview Golf Club in Waldport, Oregon, they launched the state’s first new 55+ manufactured home community in a decade, strategically situated within the golf course. This venture solidified their position as a respected agency dedicated solely to manufactured home living. Their expertise has earned them the esteem of both realtors and civic leaders, making them a go-to resource on the subject.

This niche market continues to expand, with Manufactured Home Brokers increasingly representing clients. In Oregon, while only a few offices focus exclusively on mobile/manufactured home sales, their numbers are on the rise. Just as in any industry, specialists emerge. Manufactured Home Brokers are now recognized as the definitive experts in their field. Pacific Coast Homes collaborates seamlessly with realtors catering to clients interested in community living, holding these realtors in high regard for their expansive marketing efforts. Yet, the specialization of manufactured home brokers provides clients with unparalleled insights into this unique living experience.

It’s essential to note that while Manufactured Home Brokerage is a niche, it demands proper licensing. In Oregon, community homes without land are classified as chattel, not real estate, meaning a standard real estate license isn’t adequate for their sale.

Manufactured homes, often priced between $300,000 to $400,000 with lot rents varying from $600 to several thousand dollars monthly, continue to offer undeniable value. Comparable site-built homes might cost an additional two to three hundred thousand dollars, not to mention the added property taxes. Manufactured home communities present a compelling proposition: residents relish the perks of traditional home ownership minus the exhaustive maintenance and hefty property taxes. This combination makes it an especially attractive option for seniors.


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

What is a manufactured home community?

A manufactured home community, often referred to as a manufactured home park, is a designated area where multiple manufactured homes are situated, often offering shared amenities and services.

How does living in a manufactured home community enhance security?

Many communities have gated entrances, security patrols, and close-knit neighbors, fostering a safer living environment.

What amenities can one expect in a manufactured home community?

Amenities vary but often include clubhouses, swimming pools, playgrounds, fitness centers, community event spaces and on-site management.

How does community living affect social interactions?

Living in a community promotes social engagement through organized events, clubs, and shared interests, helping residents build strong social networks.

How do manufactured home communities manage maintenance and repairs?

Most communities have on-site maintenance teams to handle common area upkeep and offer assistance or recommendations for home repairs.

What’s the appeal of community rules and regulations?

Rules ensure a harmonious living environment, maintaining property values and ensuring that the community remains pleasant for all residents.

How do these communities foster a sense of belonging?

Through shared experiences, events, and amenities, residents often develop a strong sense of community and mutual support.

Final Thoughts

We hope these questions and answers provide insight into the advantages of living in a manufactured home community for your blog readers!

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