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LVH Community Emergency Response Team Has Action Plan for Eclipse Weekend

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The trained volunteers who make up the Longview Hills Community Emergency Response Team
(CERT) have developed an action plan that’s designed to keep our park and residents safe throughout the All-American Eclipse later this month. Although the eclipse will last just a few hours, CERT’s logistical and operational plans will be put into action beginning Saturday, Aug. 19, and will continue through Monday, Aug. 21.

CERT also needs you to do your part to ensure that the eclipse weekend is free of emergency incidents. “A little planning on your part will give you peace of mind so that you can enjoy the eclipse excitement,” says LVH CERT Leader Bill Lilley. “We want all members of the Longview Hills community to review the following CERT action plan so that you’re aware of the activities CERT will be conducting Aug. 19-21. We need you to help us by completing a few preparedness tasks in advance to ensure that you’re ready for up to four days of potential eclipse-related events.

“We’ve developed this action plan by hoping for the best and planning for worst,” he says. “Worst-case scenarios may include outages of water and electricity, gridlock of major roadways, and unavailability of fire, ambulance and police emergency responders and the 911 system.”

Throughout the eclipse weekend, you’ll see and hear LVH CERT volunteers as they implement the action plan. CERT members wear bright green vests and white hard hats. Please comply with instructions given to you by CERT members.

CERT Newport/LVH Action Plan for Eclipse Weekend August19-21,2017

I. L VH Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
1.1 Radio Checks-Saturday and Sunday, 7 p.m.
1.2 CERT Radios on all weekend at home and carry
1.3 Neighborhood Checks-Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 7-8 p.m. Identify non- resident campers and parking. Call park manager if non-residents do not leave L VH.
1.4 CERT Incident Officer will be on duty Monday from 7 a.m. to noon at the clubhouse.
1.5 LVH Gate will be closed Saturday, Aug. 19, at 9 p.m. as usual, and will remain down until Monday, Aug. 21 , at noon. You may continue to enter and exit the park, but residents and guests must key in the gate ‘s security code to enter the park.
1.6 L VH Nurse will be on call. We ask that anyone with professional medical training who is available during the eclipse weekend, please contact LVH CERT Leader Bill Lilley.
1. 7 Ham Radio Operator will be on call.
1.8 Use only protective eclipse eyeglasses to look at the sun and moon during the event. Protective eclipse · eyeglasses are sold at Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer, and are available at city hall and from CERT volunteers.  Do not look at the eclipse through telescopes or cameras unless they are outfitted with appropriate solar filter attachments.
2. CERT Truck-This vehicle will be on duty Saturday morning through Tuesday morning in case ambulance services  are unavailable and/or fire trucks are unable to enter the park to combat small or grass fires. Items loaded into the CERT Truck include

2.1 Fire extinguishers
2.2 Drinking water, 10 gallons
2.3 Non-drinking water, 25 gallons (two trash cans)
2.4 Water buckets
2.5 Shovels
2.6 Backboards
2. 7 First-aid kits
3. What YOU need to be prepared! Collect the following items well before Aug. 19.
3.1 Prescription medications for four days.
3.2 Food for four days per person. Ready-to-eat meals and snacks are best, particularly in case stoves and microwaves are unavailable.
3.3 Water for four days per person.
3.4 Pet supplies for four days per pet.
3.5 Personal hygiene supplies for four days per person-toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, sanitary wipes.
3 .6 Battery-operated flashlight/lantern and radio with extra batteries.
3.7 Personal fire extinguisher particularly if you intend to barbecue. Be certain to properly extinguish coals in barbeques and fire pits.
3.8 Check the contents of your emergency or CERT pack if you have one. If you don’t, CERT volunteers are happy to explain how you can create your own pack.
3.9 Fuel up your vehicles early in the week of Aug. 14. There is a real likelihood that the region will see fuel shortages.
3 .10 Fuel up your liquid propane tanks early in the week of Aug. 14 so that you can cook on outdoor grills. Do not
use a grill inside or under an awning. Keep grill 3 to 10 feet from buildings and combustibles when cooking.
3.11 Update emergency contact information with the LVH management office.
4. Communications-Radio calls will be relayed by a CERT volunteer Friday-Sunday and Monday from 9 a.m. to
5 p.m. Call LVH manager’s office at (541) 265-3576.
5. Generators-A generator will be located at the clubhouse, as will a list of RVs with available generators. If you operate a generator, do so outside only.
6. CERT News Board-Event and incident updates will be posted on bulletin boards in the clubhouse. We do this to discourage rumors.
A nationwide program developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, CERT educates individuals about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their areas and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization and disaster medical operations.

To learn more about CERT at Longview Hills or to join the group, contact Bill Lilley at (315) 884-8188.

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